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Cheerful fruit,mixed fruitsA little about me:

Caroline Henry, Nutritional Therapist, B.Sc.(Hons), MSc., Dip NT, mNTOI.

I am a fully qualified nutritional therapist, based in Charlestown, Co. Mayo. I have an honours science degree from NUI Maynooth, a Masters degree in human nutrition from the University of Ulster at Coleraine and a diploma in nutritional therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Galway. I am a member of NTOI, the representational body for nutritional therapists in Ireland and need to maintain the standard required in regard to continuous professional development.

What brought me to have an interest in nutrition is a personal effect of health. As a baby, I suffered badly from colic. As an older child, I was always catching colds and was on a lot of antibiotics. At ten years of age, I developed asthma and the inhaler became my constant companion. Even though it stopped the wheezing and shortness of breath, I was lethargic, had no energy, suffered from stomach upsets and caught chest infections very easily.

When I was twenty years old, I went to see a complimentary health practitioner who put me on the right track concerning my diet, supplements and exercise regime. The change in my health was immense and I haven’t looked back since. Seeing and living with this major improvement first hand increased my interest in the area of nutrition and I embarked on my studies in this area.

Having learnt even more about the effects of good nutrition from my courses, my asthma has improved to such an extent in that I don’t need an inhaler at any time and exercise doesn’t have an effect on my well-being. I enjoy playing football with my godsons and know that I go for a brisk walk and enjoy my fitness classes without them being ruined by asthma attacks.

I believe that everyone can be helped with nutritional therapy and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with clients. I am available for one-to-one consultations, as well as group presentations.

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